Services Overview

Our service is simple. We provide the means for you to write a text message, select an individual or list of individuals to send to, establish a date and time to send the text, and we send it for you at the date and time you specified. Text Messaging Service for Businesses and Organizations. Below is a summary of functions our system offers.

Contact Management at MeTestoPro

Contact Management

Unlimited Contacts

Add as many contacts as your company needs. Add one at a time and/or upload lists of contacts. Simple contact data, no more than needed to send messages. Edit or delete contacts. View all or sort alphabetically.

MeTestoPro's List Management

List Management

Unlimited Lists

Create lists for various messaging reasons. Create as many as you need. Lists for sales or promotions to certain demographics. Your contacts can belong to one list or many. Upload contacts directly to a list.'s Message Management

Message Management

Send Unlimited Messages

Send messages to one contact or a contact list. Create and save message templates to use more than once. Enter variables in your template. Select a date and time to send your message. View messages already sent.

MeTestoPro's Employee Management

Employee Management

Employees with Various Roles

Add employees to manage your contacts and messages. Assign certain permission levels to employees to limit or expand their capabilities. Messages include the employee who sent that message. Make employees inactive.

Your Organizational Settings at MeTestoPro

Organization Settings

Locations, Defaults, Order Review

Add one or many organization locations. Set defaults for time zones, message signatures, country codes, and auto-renew. Purchase more messages to send and review previous purchases.

Happy clients because you use MeTestoPro

Your Happy Clients

Well Informed Equals Happy

Helping your clients remember appointments or take advantage of your promotions creates happier clients. No one wants to miss a sale or have to reschedule appointments. Happy clients translates to loyal clients.

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Why Messaging?

Everyone has a mobile phone, shouldn't you use MeTestoPro

Not Just Messaging, Modern Messaging!

Virtually all your clients (even most of their children) have a mobile phone. That is probably all that needs to be said here. However, below are a few items to consider when comparing sending texts over other forms of advertising or messaging.

  • Everyone Has a Mobile Phone
  • Everyone Checks Their Texts
  • Less Than Other Advertising
  • Direct to Your Current Clients
  • Send to one or many
  • People Often Screen Calls
  • Some Don't Check Voice mail
  • Some Don't Return Calls
  • Ads Not Direct, Often Ignored
  • Often emails considered spam

Messaging VS Other Advertising

In our experience every form of advertising is quite expensive, either in direct costs of the advertising or labor to do the advertising. Even just using flyers, you have printing costs and labor (or your precious time) to hand them out. Not to mention that most advertising is hit or miss when you are trying to target your market.

Our prices are as low as $0.08 (eight cents) per message. See our Great Pricing! Another big PLUS is that you are sending messages directly to clients who have already used your products or services. A targeted audience who is already familiar with you!

Me Testo is "Text Me" in Italian!

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