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Below we highlight some of the account administration area. Our goal when designing and developing this system was simplicity. Only the features you need while making them as simple to use as possible. We believe we succeeded in this goal! Have a look and you will see it is as easy as 1-2-3. Better Yet! Try our Demo Account.

Me Testo Professional, Simple Web-Based Administration of Contacts and Messages.

Web-Based Management

Managing a Marketing Campaign is too important to hunt and peck on your mobile phone. MeTesto Professional provides a full web-based control panel that provides easy access to manage all areas of your messaging campaign including:

  • Messaging
  • Messaging Templates
  • Contacts
  • Contact Lists
  • More...

You do not even need your own mobile phone!

Account Home Screenshot (opens new window)

Message Management

Simple forms to create messages, edit scheduled messages, and view (or re-send) sent messages. You may choose to send text messages, email messages, or both text and email messages. Save time and create templates to use as often as needed for messages that you have to send multiple times.

New Message Screenshot (opens new window)
New Template Screenshot

Me Testo Professional, Simple Message Management
Me Testo Professional, Simple Contact Management Features.

Contact Management

Create unlimited contacts without any additional costs. Add contacts one at a time or upload a file of contacts. When uploading a file of contacts you may assign contacts directly to contact lists you specify in the file. Contact lists allow you to group your contacts by various demographics and interests to refine the targeting of your marketing. Create unlimited contact lists at no additional cost.

Contact Listing Screenshot (opens new window)
Add Contact Screenshot
Contact Lists Screenshot
Add Contact List Screenshot

Company Management

The last area of account administration is primarily company settings. In this area, you may purchase message packages, establish an auto-renew setting if you like (so you always can send messages), add employees to help manage your message marketing, and establish some company configurations.

Once you configure your company, you will spend most of your time in the Contact and Message area of account administration.

Employee Listing Screenshot (opens new window)
Add Employee Screenshot
Edit Billing Screenshot
Purchase Package Screenshot

Me Testo Professional, Simple Company Management

See! As easy as 1-2-3!

  • 01

    Add Contacts

    Easily add Contacts with our simple add contact form or upload a file of contacts.
  • 02

    Schedule a Message

    Create a new scheduled message with our easy to use new message form.
  • 03

    We Send Your Message

    Your work is done. Our system sends your message at the date and time you choose.

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