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Are you happy with the direction your organization is taking? Is there something missing? Are you communicating effectively with your clients? Get your organization "running on all gears" with a modern messaging system!

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Everyone has a mobile phone! It is essential for any modern organization to have in their client communications plan a method that includes the ability to send text messages easy and efficiently.

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MeTesto Professional allows an organizations to write a text message, select one client or a list of clients, and schedule it to send at a specified date and time. Modern Messaging Made Simple!

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Me Testo Professional, a Text Messaging Service for Businesses and Organizations.

Text Messaging Service for Businesses and Organizations!

It is an addiction, everyone reads their texts. We provide Businesses and Organizations a simple method to easily send Text Messages (or emails if you like) to one contact, a list of contacts, or all your contacts with simple contact and message management. We know our service is much easier than managing your Text Messages Marketing on your mobile phone!

Additionally, we are making it easy to use our service with FREE Registration, NO Monthly Fees, NO Contracts, and 25 FREE messages. There is NO reason not to get started today! Please read through the information on this site to find out much more about our service.


Better Your Business

Me Testo Professional, Better Your Business.Imagine, if you will, that you are at your Business or Organization and it is slow. You have this great new product or service and a list of your clients or members.

You come to MeTesto Professional enter a text message, select a contact list, and sends the message. Your contacts receive the message immediately, right into their hands.

Soon your day is not so slow.... Its a Great Day!


Current Stats

  • 91%

    Have Mobile Phones

    Statistics show that 91% of all people have a mobile phone.
  • 56%

    Are Smart Phones

    Of all mobile phones, 56% are considered smart phones.
  • 80%

    In Front of TV

    80% of smart phone owners use their devices in front of the television.
  • 44%

    Sleep with Cell Phones

    44% of cell phone owners sleep with their cell phones by their side so they do not miss any notifications.

Statistics from DigitalBuzz.

Quick Info

Everyone Has a Mobile Phone. Where is yours?

With the popularity of mobile devices and text messaging, your organization cannot ignore the benefits of text message marketing to your current clients.

MeTesto Professional provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending text messages to your clients. Here is a short list of what we provide.

  • Add Unlimited Contacts
  • Create Unlimited Lists
  • Easily Assign Contacts to Lists
  • Send Text Messages to Lists
  • Much More...

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about us

Me Testo is Text Me in Italian

Me Testo is "Text Me" in Italian

MeTesto started with a simple single user, single text message service that allows individuals to schedule texts for a myriad of reasons.

We quickly discovered that many business owners wanted to use a similar system to communicate with their clients. So evolved into a more complete, yet still simple, system catering to the needs of organizations.

Text Message Benefits

Everyone reads their text messages.

Everyone Reads Texts

Its an addiction, LOL

You hear a "beep" or the phone "vibrates". If you don't get it, someone always says "hey your phone beeped". Then, as if by instinct, you swipe your phone's face and press that text message smiley face. You can't help yourself.

About Us
Texts arrive right in your consumer's hands.

Arrives in Their Hands

Directly to Your Consumers

Wait! Stop! Look! Where is your mobile phone right now? Is it in your hand, on your belt, or maybe in your purse or pocket? You see we always have our phones. When that "beep" arrives, your phone is right there.

Our Services
Your texts arrive at the date and time you specify.

Instant Arrival

Send Message at the Time You Want

Except for rare occasions, sent texts arrive almost instantly. But you know that, don't you? You have received that follow up text, two minutes later, "Hey did you get my text?" and your thinking, "give me a minute".

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